Kalyanamitra realizes that gender-based analysis will promote the equity and equality of women's positions. In order to facilitate data needs on gender analysis, Kalyanamitra achieved the documents on the issues and experiences of Indonesian women. The documentation is presented in the form of books and bulletins accessable at Kalyanamitra's library and website.

In addition, Kalyanamitra encourages public awareness, especially women on gender issues through the publication of books, info sheets and magazines so that the documents can enrich knowledge and insight about women.

This program strengthens the community or women capacity to deal directly with gender issues. Community assistance aims to trigger courage in revealing the causes which marginalize them.

Activities in our community assistance include: critical dialogues, knowledge upgrading of women, democratic meetings, and sustainbale education. These activities are also major sources of Kalyanamitra's campaign ideas involving women in their implementation process from planning, decision-making, to program implementing.

The main focus Kalyanamitra Advocacy Program is to encourage the establishment of responsive and gender-based policies at the local, national, and regional levels.
To support the success of this program, Kalyanamitra cooperates with various stakeholders, such as: civil society, government, legislative, and other institutions. In addition, Kalyanamitra invites assisted group cadres to be actively involved in the development planning process in their region, such as program planning, policy and budget through RW dialogues/ sub-district/ development planning dialogue (musyawarah rencana pembangunan) or district/ regent regulations.

The network is a supporting force in the implementation of Kalyanamitra works, especially in advocacy programs. Kalyanamitra participates in several national, regional and international associations, which share common vision and goals so as to help achieve the mission and success of the programs.

Kalyanamitra strongly believes that the success of work programs and the progress of organization are results of good and efficient management and organization reinforcement. In addition, the development of the organization also needs to be supported by the development of other resources, such as: human resources, finance, network and infrastructure.

The principle has been Kalyanamitra's belief by choosing an institutional legal entity in the form of foundations that have a legal basis and strong law. In terms of enriching internal capacity, Kalyanamitra conducts critical discussions about the direction and strategy of the organization along with our Critical Partners, the selected individuals who we need to develop organization.